Caribbean sugar plantation railways on St. Kitts

In the past, many plantation railways across the Caribbean where a major workhorse in transporting money crops and other goods across these Islands. As most of these agricultural industries have experienced a sharp decline, most railway lines have become defunct.

St. Kitts is an example where such a railway line has been rehabilitated in 2006 with old Eastern European rolling stock and is transporting tourists from cruise ships and other persons who visit the island.

As we did the Nevis to St. Kitts channel crossing (one of the shortest channel crossing swims), we took the chance to ride on the railway line.

You can buy tickets at the station close to the airport (H-Bus stops close by) for 98 USD for a 2h, 45min journey around the island.

Here are a few impressions:

IMG_5245Old Eastern European Locomotive on a very narrow gauge track.

IMG_5246View from the railway.

While the railway line goes around the island, only the section on the east cost until Sandy Point have been rehabilitated. It would be impressive if they decide to close the loop with a station at the bottom of Brimstone Hill fortress.


Overall, it is a very relaxing place.

IMG_5261Sunset at Oualie Beach


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