Skoda going more digital

This Monday, Skoda announced that they are integrating Lokel into a new Skoda Digital subsidiary. This newly formed group with around 70 employees will be responsible for their TCMS, diagnostic systems and multimedia systems. Why it matters: Skoda transitions with this strategic move from a "classic" small OEM in the rolling stock industry being a … Continue reading Skoda going more digital

Challenges of City Logistics

When talking about traffic flows, congestion, transport planning, public transport and its respective optimization, we too often tend to focus on the aspect of the transport of people. As we know, space for transport axis may need to be shared with more and more transport demand in sprawling cities and sub-urban areas. A significant part … Continue reading Challenges of City Logistics

Why the focus on customer experience is shortsighted

Many transport undertakers, agencies who are responsible for transport, consultants and suppliers are focusing nowadays on the customer experience in transportation transport. Articles such as the recent McKinsey article on travel distribution show exemplary what the philosophies and proposed strategies behind this narrative are. 1. Harness advanced analytics to understand the customer better. 2. Adjust … Continue reading Why the focus on customer experience is shortsighted