Why delivery droids don’t matter

It is quite some time since I had the chance to write another blog post. Having a long weekend with not so spectacular weather allowed me to spend some more time behind the screen and dig into a recently published article from the consulting firm McKinsey titled "Are droids the future of last-mile logistics: Lessons … Continue reading Why delivery droids don’t matter

The aircraft year in review

Overall, the year has been challenging for the civil aircraft industry. Let’s have a quick look at what happened for the major players: Boeing 2019 has been a troubling year for the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. First of all, after the two crashes with the 737 Max, most authorities including the FAA suspended the airworthiness certificate … Continue reading The aircraft year in review

Why the US never manages to purchase modern rolling stock

When I recently read that NJ Transit is signing the contract to purchase new double-deck EMUs, I was positively surprised. Not only did they manage to purchase an electric multiple unit (EMU) which is much more suitable for commuter and regional transport, but they also went for a double-deck configuration permitting more capacity at the … Continue reading Why the US never manages to purchase modern rolling stock