A homage to the micro scooter

With the summer at our door step, long weekends and even longer days, I want to pay homage to a travel companion I have enjoyed now for quite some time: The micro scooter. I probably got my first micro scooter, or kick-scooter around 2002 when it first became very popular in Switzerland. Ever since, it … Continue reading A homage to the micro scooter


Spacial limits of alternative transport systems in urban areas

CityMetric pointed in a recent article on Elon Musk's vision for autonomous driving towards an interesting point regarding spacial limits: Musk's vision that everybody will not be moving anymore with public transport but with autonomous cars that offer point-to-point travel is somewhat flawed. The limits are or geometrical nature due to the limit in capacity … Continue reading Spacial limits of alternative transport systems in urban areas

Developing transport in post-war regions

Over the holidays I read this article in German about the development in transition regions after conflicts. Three aspects are in my opinion critical about that: Urbanization, resource consumption and respective migrant movements will have a significant impact in the future way of living The potential to start and support social healing through common projects … Continue reading Developing transport in post-war regions


Vision 2025: Commute to work

Digitization, autonomous driving, mobility 4.0 have become more and more common buzz words - but how will they eventually impact us in our daily life? We all do not know how the future will look like, however we have ideas and visions how it may look like. I try to discuss some of these over … Continue reading Vision 2025: Commute to work


A few thoughts on the future of urban transport

I recently had a discussion on the future of urban transport when addressing the issue of what are key technologies that shape the future urban transport. Firstly, I have to point out that we did not come up with a unanimous assessment but rather with the conclusion that there are different visions about the future. … Continue reading A few thoughts on the future of urban transport