Major train accident in Cameroon

In Cameroon, last week a major train accident happened as reported by the BBC respectively here. With a death toll of over 70 people, it is most likely the most serious train accident in the country and directly affects the major artery of the railway system between Yaounde and Douala. Due to strong rain falls, … Continue reading Major train accident in Cameroon


A few thoughts on the future of urban transport

I recently had a discussion on the future of urban transport when addressing the issue of what are key technologies that shape the future urban transport. Firstly, I have to point out that we did not come up with a unanimous assessment but rather with the conclusion that there are different visions about the future. … Continue reading A few thoughts on the future of urban transport

Nigeria on the brink of a new railway era

These days if was announced that the opening of the new Abudja-Kaduna railway line will shift into June. At the same time, Muhammadu Buhari has assigned 60bn Naira, or 260 million EUR, in the 2016 budget for the great costal railway. As an outsider, it does not seem to be fully clear what monies are … Continue reading Nigeria on the brink of a new railway era


New Operator for Senegal-Mali Line

Westafrica is finally poised for some rail investments. Not only are lines in Nigeria close to completion, but also projects such as the Moroccan high-speed links in operation. At the same time projects for light rails and metros emerge in the metropolitan regions. One big topic however remained fairly untouched: Operations and Maintenance. There are … Continue reading New Operator for Senegal-Mali Line