Chinese SDA1 vs. British Class 66

I thought it would be interesting to make a few comparisons on Twitter until the next Innotrans. Let us start with a more simple one, the CSR SDA1 vs. the EMD Class 66:

Name/Type SDA 1 EMD Class 66
Description The SDA 1 are the first Chinese diesel locomotives with AC traction motors. The locomotive was sold and delivered in a short time period in 2012. In 2013, the fleet was temporarily not in service to remedy the asbestos problem. since 2014, the locomotives are in regular service again. The class 66 was designed specially for the UK market (with over 250 ordered). The locomotive has prooven quite reliable and became a major workhorse in Europe. The same traction chain was later used in the Vossloh EURO 4000 locomotives.
Manufacturer(s) CRRC respectively CSR Ziyang (Traction chain by CSR Zhuzhou)
In operation: SCT Logistics, Australia; Freightliner Austrialia; Qube Logistics Europe, Egypt, Gabon
Produced/ under production: 20 over 650
1st delivery: 2012 1998
Gauge 1435 mm 1435 mm
Power rating: 4200 HP (3170 kW) 3250 HP (2420 kW)
Tractive effort: 520 kN
Traction Chain Type: Diesel Electric Diesel Electric
Bogie Type: Co-Co Co-Co
Passenger Capacity:
Price: 1.9 MEUR (2011) highly depending on order size (initial order ca. 2.4 MEUR (1998))
Specialty: Locomotive lead to lowering the prices of Australian Rolling Stock and opening of the Oceania Market to Chinese manufacturers Compliant with UK loading gauge. Major workhorse in UK.
Advantages: – cheap
– powerful
– Reliable
– Powerful
Disadvantages: – aspestos issue – Does not meet EU Stage IIIB (and EU Stage IIIA only since Class 77)



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