More luxurious overnight travel to counter air travel

At this year’s Innotrans in Berlin, Stadler presented their new sleeping coach for Azerbaijan. The train shows, that even now there is a potential to compete air travel with a very comfortable and luxurious car.


The beds and amenities appear to be very comfortable, each cabin equipped with its own shower and toilet. If it is enough to attract passengers to take the train between Azerbaijan and Turkey however will heavily depend on the actual service provided on board and the price.

Given that the train is suitable for both, Russian Gauge including the relevant GOST norms and standard Gauge and TSI norms, it could theoretically also run from Western Europe through Russia.

If any business model with overnight train will become successful again is to be seen yet. Meanwhile, Austrian ÖBB announced that they will take over the DB night train fleet and launch their new brand. This would allow a revival of the night trains over the alps. However, if the requirement of one attendant per coach will be uphold, most routes will be not profitable over time.


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