Vision 2025: Commute to work

Digitization, autonomous driving, mobility 4.0 have become more and more common buzz words – but how will they eventually impact us in our daily life? We all do not know how the future will look like, however we have ideas and visions how it may look like. I try to discuss some of these over the next few entries – from the user-experience perspective. And for those who believe that if you have visions, you should go and see a doctor, I can only say: If you do not have any visions, you are most possibly dead.

Commute to work

In 2025, we will still live in city centers, urban areas, sub-urban areas and dispersed in rural areas. The majority however will live in close proximity of urban areas as an Arup Study and many others point out. We will still work in office buildings and factories in city centers, sub-centers and industrial areas.

While work-at-home, telecommuting, supported by virtual reality and other tele-work enablers have become more popular in 2025, many people still prefer to meet other people in person.

My vehicle is my workplace

After breakfast, I can board my previously ordered autonomous transport vehicle. I do not have to drive but can comfortably sit in the chair and start reading my newspaper. Bob and Alison who live in the same street are already on board. The monitor informs us that we will stop for Christine on the way to the train station. As our train will be late due to animals on the track, we decide together to take the more scenic route over the hills to the train station. While the stunning landscape passes by, I going through yesterdays e-mails and comments.

At the train station, I board cabin 13 C where Mark and I will have today’s first meeting together with our client. The meeting with colleagues across the globe works perfectly thanks to seamless communication handover between the different base stations along the track.

When we arrive at the city center, another autonomous vehicle picks us up and brings us to our office building 15 minutes down the road. During my commute, I did not have to concentrate on driving but could use the time optimally for work or to relax myself.

My neighbor Jack the mechanic

Even though a lot of work gets performed nowadays by robots, there are still many type of activities where mechanics are central to operate and maintain machines. Jack, my neighbor, who earns about as much as I do, works as a mechanic in a local factory.

As he works in shifts, his commute is scheduled to 7.15 am when an autonomous car picks him and his colleagues from the village up. On the way to work, they get a report on the status of the factory and a briefing on the tasks for today. There was a malfunction at one of the assembly line which needs to be analyzed and afterwards sorted out. During the rest trip, the team is instructed on the specific safety requirements for this part of the factory.

Since the factory provides transport for its workers, everybody arrives on time, no accidents occur on the way to work and there is no more space for parking required.


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