Mapping out the future of railways in Southeast Asia


Last week, James Clark published a really cool map condensing all the current and proposed railway projects in Southeast Asia. You can find the map under this link.

He used multiple sources and published masterplans to come up with a condensed view on where what might be built.

The map clearly shows that China is following in the path laid out by the Japanese during the second world war where first lines where built to connect the region. Following the mobility vision, one could imagine that this could be becoming one unite economic and political zone. Due to the budget airlines in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, travel between the countries has multiplied drastically over the last decade. Further more there is a strong migrant population in each of the countries, Chinese, Malay, Indonesians and Thai frequently live in the region. If there is a region in which such a zone can be created over the next decades, SEA is certainly a good place for it. However, for this to happen there needs to be a board collaboration on the political level instead of populist parties utilizing stereotypes about other ethnic groups.



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