Envisioning the shanty town of the future

I just red this interesting article about marginalized communities in the mega cities of the futures. While the article shows stunning visualizations prepared by Olalekan Jeyifous, he also points towards an issue that is often overlooked: In urban planning, the focus usually is on industry and high quality/high wealth residential areas – other aspects of city planning, especially uncontrolled, organically growing suburbs are ignored.

In our western society, we tend to ignore suburban towns like the ones depicted by Jeyifous totally, since only few of them exist anymore at this moment. However, the fall and rise again of Detroit showed us in the recent past that cities can turn into less wealthy and organized towns within a short time.

If we always discuss about densification of urban areas, we should not forget such communities. This article above gave me an interesting impression on what can happen in a transformation process of current marginalized communities.


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