Mapping Railways in South East Asia

So, the summer is nearing to its end and so also the time to play a bit with maps. Thanks to all of you who have sent me feedback. I tried to include some of it in this map, i.e. focusing on the projects that at least have undergone a somewhat detailed feasibility study and better distinguishing between the operating and defunct railway lines.

Since it has been my backyard for some time, it was a bit of a travel back experience – remembering past travels and ideas we had at that time. What made it difficult in the case of SEA is the fact that many projects rely heavily on political backing and appear to economically only limited viable. A case like this is certainly the high-speed line between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore or the many projects in Thailand. In the case of Indonesia, most infrastructure projects depend on natural resource exports and can be realized only with the respective global market price.

Thanks again for the feedback to in advance. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer!




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